True Confessions of a Natural Hair Expert

Every woman has a story to tell and I am no exception. Yes, I confess, I had two small dime sized bald spots, known as Traction Alopecia. There, I said it! I'm sharing a word of caution because even I got caught in a situation where I was not fully aware of the damage being done to my hair. It started off as a protective style and it ended up as Traction Alopecia. If you are not familiar with this term, it is a small bald spot or any localized hair loss, caused by repetitive or persistent pulling or traction on hair roots. I took this opportunity to make lemonade from my lemons and created 'Hair Rehab" hair growth system.

You may think you are giving your hair a rest with that "Protective Style" but you may be creating damage that cannot be repaired. In spite of the best intentions, here are the facts. According to a review of 19 studies conducted by researchers at Johns Hopkins, it has been confirmed that there is a “strong association” between certain scalp-pulling hairstyles, common worn among African-Americans, and the development of traction alopecia, “An estimated one-third of African-American women suffer from traction alopecia, making it the most common form of hair loss among that group." In other words, we are pulling our own hair out from the root and creating bald spots. The hairline or edges is often the first to go.

The good news is you can stop this self- destruction today. Just stop getting your hair braided soooo tight. I'm not scolding. It’s just safer if you stop trying to keep the braids or weave in too long and get it done looser. That is better than ending up with no edges. Now, I know a few bald spots won’t stop women from getting weaves, many have told me just that. The hair extension business is billion dollar industry and lots of women are dependent on weaves for a variety of reasons. I am giving "Healthy Hair Rehab" treatments every day to women who were unsuspecting, and now find themselves in a state of shock over unnecessary hair loss.

When it happened to me, I took lemons and made lemonade. Immediately, I began researching hair loss solutions and learned there were millions of women suffering from hair loss. I also learned there is a disproportionate number of women of color suffering from Traction Alopecia, almost 6 out of every of 10. I was determined to help. In time I became a certified Trichologist, found methods to grow my hair back and realized this was my new calling.

In 2007 I resigned from Loreal and opened The Hair Trauma Center in downtown Chicago. A few years later I introduced the Natural Hair Bar because the best styling options for any type of hair loss is chemical free and tension free. My mission is to educate, inform and treat those dealing with hair loss and provide the natural, healthy hair styling options they love. I am fulfilling my purpose through the Hair Trauma Center and sharing my gift through the Natural Hair Bar. I get so much joy when I help women regain their hair, rebuild their self esteem and restore their confidence.

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