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Lindsey's Personal Product Favorites

Hello Naturalistas!

It's Lindsey again and today I am going to be talking about my absolute favorite hair product I use and my own personal review on it. To start off, I'd like to ask you all a question: How many of you have thick hair and struggle when it's time to comb it out? If you said yes to that question, please please please listen carefully! Having thick hair and trying to comb it out can be one heck of a job! But, the Hydra-Butter Leave-In Detangler can easily do the job.

Okay, now we're going to get to my personal experience with this product. I remember years ago when my mom and I would lather my hair in regular conditioner and pray that the conditioner would help loosen my curls to make the detangling process go by swiftly. Yeah, that didn't work at all. My mom would have me sit down on the toilet while she's combing my hair out, which could take a long time, and hope that her hands wouldn't cramp up. Unfortunately, she had to comb through her hand pain. Another issue was when Jacqueline Tarrant, owner of the Natural Hair Bar, told me that I was combing my hair so hard that I was pulling it out of its roots. Crazy! Luckily, Jacqueline gave me the Leave-In Detangler and a different comb to help make the combing process easier. When I say that spray loosened up my hair instantly, it loosened up my hair instantly. As long as I sprayed a good amount in certain spots in my head, the comb would go through my hair easily. This product is a game changer that I think all women should try, but especially women with very thick hair. Once you use this product there is no going back to the lathering situation with the conditioner. You will never have to go through a painful combing experience again! To purchase the Leave-In Detangler, you can click this link: Hydra-Butter Leave-In Detangler

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