Are you adoring your hair?

We have all been there. Your curly hair begins to get tangled within all your ponytail holders, none of the products you're using are working well on your hair, you're almost at your breaking point of just giving up on your hair. You begin to go to your salon to get your hair straightened more often so that you don't have to deal with your natural hair. Little did we know that by repeatedly going to get our hair blow-dried, straightened, and then curled would continuously strip our natural hair curl pattern. See, we as women (and young women) sometimes get incredibly fed up with our hair that we just drop all of our hair care routines and just let someone else nurse it back to health. We all have to come to the realization that this will not get our hair back to health. Constantly putting heat on our hair can cause severe heat damage and ultimately lead to breakage. Everyday at the Natural Hair Bar Salon, we get clients that come in and tell us that they're hair is breaking off and that they're not taking care of their hair properly. Luckily, they came to the right place for hair loss solutions.

We do not realize the stress that we're putting onto our hair if we're not moisturizing, combing, and washing our hair correctly. Giving up on your hair is not the option that we should choose, and in that case, I've decided to write this post to inspire those out there who are getting frustrated with their natural hair. Yes, I have been in your shoes. I know i'm only seventeen years old and there are women out there who are older than me, but I hope that you all at least take some time out of your day to inspire you all. Your hair is absolutely gorgeous. People nowadays are willing to pay a fortune to get natural hair like you do. Don't think that just because your hair is not a certain length or a specific curl pattern that it's not nice hair overall. We were all blessed with these heads of hair for a reason. All you have to do now is make sure that you rock it. Try not to straighten your hair as often as you're doing right now. Try to take hair vitamins or try Natural Hair Bar's hair products. By doing either of these, you will soon see a change in your hair growth. Ultimately, just remember that if you were born with a head full of hair, show people what your hair is all about, and to remind yourself to:

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