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        Jacqueline Tarrant is recognized as a beauty expert in her role as a consultant, columnist,

Certified Trichologist and owner of the Natural Hair Bar in downtown Chicago.  The foundation of her pearls of wisdom stem from a family legacy of three generations of beauty professionals and her well-traveled career as an International Platform Artist. The former Director of Education and Product Development Specialist worked at Loreal USA for eight years and has a unique insight into hair care and product usage. Her expertise has been

expressed monthly in national columns that reach millions through various publications including Seventeen, Cosmopolitan, Essence, the Wall Street Journal, and Huffington Post. Jacqueline’s Hair Advice has been dispatched to women worldwide based on their questions sent to Sophisticate’s Black Hair Magazine over the last seven years.  Numerous Style & Beauty appearances nationwide on Good Morning America, NBC, CBS, & the Fox Network have kept her up close and personal with the latest hair care must haves.

During the week you can find Jacqueline at her Michigan Ave, Hair Trauma Center where clients keep her busy. It is here where she utilizes her knowledge of Trichology and the cutting-edge technology of Cool Light Laser as one of her most requested FDA Approved treatments to re-grow the hair. To give clients the style they crave, five years ago the Natural Hair Bar was created. Jacqueline’s motto is “Every Strand Matters”; and natural hair provides the best styling base for healthy hair.

To share her expertise with a broader audience, Jacqueline poured her tips into the health and beauty publication, “Healthy Hair Rehab Now!” This insider’s guide empowers the reader with the knowledge to identify the 3 key steps for the best hair at any age. “Healthy Hair Rehab Now” takes an informative look at what causes hair loss and provides the reader with actionable solutions.

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