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This lightweight moisturizing spray ends dry hair concerns! Mega Moisturizer spray is a daily curl refresher infused with African Marula Oil which is rich with amino acids. Retains Moisture: Away with dry and brittle hair. Marula oil retains moisture in your hair and keeps your it soft, supple and hydrated. The amino acid and fatty acid support create a moisture trapping barrier around the hair strand and promote rapid penetration to nourish hair while minimizing any greasy affect.

Strengthens hair follicles: Say bye to breakage. Marula oil treats your strands and penetrates the scalp to strengthen hair follicles from the inside, making hair more resistant to breakage.

Apply from root to ends to assist with release of tangles to minimize breakage. Absolutely make Mega Moisturizer Spray part of your LOC wash day experience.


Mega Moisturizer Refresher Spray

SKU: 6
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