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3 Tips to get Your Hair Ready for Summer!

Your hair needs 2 things to maintain a healthy condition, protein for strength and moisture for flexibility. Here are some everyday practices you can begin today to improve the condition of your hair.

1) Keep your hair clean. Shampoo your hair as needed. If your work out often, work outside or are often in an area where dirt, odors, smoke or excessive residue is in the air, you should shampoo your hair at least once per week. Use shampoos suited for your type, texture and condition of hair. If your hair is relaxed, color treated, dry or has any particular needs be sure to use a shampoo that states it's benefits for your hair's needs.

2) Keep your hair strong. Use the right conditioner. If your hair is weak and breaking off, you will need to use a protein based treatment to add strength back to your fragile hair. Hair is approximately 85-90% protein and will need protein to restore what may have been lost. It will also be necessary to follow-up with a moisturizing treatment to restore moisture, softness and flexibility.

3) Keep your hair moisturized. Always follow a protein treatment with a moisture treatment to soften hair that has been strengthened and often hardened by protein. Your hair needs moisture, particularly when it is exposed to chemical treatments and heat appliances. Use a moisturizing hair dress between shampoos. Deep condition your hair, at least once per week to keep hair soft and flexible. Hair is approximately 10-15 % moisture and when moisture is lost hair become dry and brittle and will surely break off.


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